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We ship the same day, or next business day once you have locked in your order with our huge range of stock items.

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We deliver all over Australia, Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and regional cities like Newcastle, Geelong and Cairns. If youre in Australia, Cello Bags Australia has you covered

Over 1000 Sizes

If you aren’t sure about sizing, we have over 1000 different sizes, we can also be contacted via phone or email at sales@cellobags.com.au to discuss sizing.

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Cellophane Bags

With over 1000 different sizes of clear cellophane bags, clear cellophane is the perfect choice for prints, food bags, card sleeves, flower sleeves, cookie bags, peel and seal, compostable bags and more. 

Cello Bags Australia is a cellophane bag company based in Melbourne, we’ve been around since 1963 and we deliver all over Australia. We make cellophane bags, biodegradable bags, bopp bags, peel and seal bags, poly prop bags, cellophane block bottom bags, hang sell bags, bio bags, compostable bags and much much more, in many shapes and sizes. We have cellophane bags for all purposes, environmentally friendly cello bags, food safe cello bags and compostable cello bags. We also provide shipping Australia wide.

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cellophane block bottom bags

Biodegradable Bags

Our Natureflex bags are biodegradable 23um NK film made from renewable raw materials.
Our clear cellophane bags have many sizes and many applications. We have seen our cellophane bags be used for food packaging such as cookie bags, compostable bags, cellophane bags for cards, for baked goods, clothing, flower sleeves,
tea, confectionery, lollies, chocolates, coffee, and more.

Recyclable Bags

Our peel and seal bags are fully recyclable. These high clarity polypropylene bags are food grade which are great for cookies and chocolate.

Stand Up Pouches

We have stand up pouches and stand up packaging to suit a range of products, such as coffee bags, chocolate bags, dog treat bags, confectionary bags and more.