About Cello Bags Australia

Cello Bags Australia began as Senior Paper & Party Supplies in 1963.

The Senior family’s history with confectionery and paper started way back in 1938. When current owner, Geoff Senior’s great grandfather worked for GABBS and Peters Ice Cream was his biggest customer.

The passion for paper supplies was passed on to the next generation when Geoff’s grandfather started Senior Paper Supplies in 1963 in Box Hill South, Victoria. They later relocated to Blackburn and finally resided in Bayswater until the retail store closed in 2019.

There is no doubt that paper bags, party supplies and general packaging is in the Senior’s blood. The business was passed down to Geoff’s Dad, John Senior and they now run the business together. You will most likely see one of them behind the wheel of one the many Cello Bags Australia vans on the road.

Now running as Senior Paper Supplies and Cello Bags Australia in Bayswater, the dinner table at the Senior’s home is always full of funny stories from over the years.

Geoff’s grandfather used to sell ladies paper pants in 1965. The story goes that he wanted to import them, so he went to the bank and secured a line of credit for 32,000 pairs of ladies paper pants that cost him 10 cents per pair. Well his investment paid off and he ended up selling them Australia wide.

Today Cello Bags Australia is in the capable hands of a 4th-generation Senior family member, Geoff Senior.

Continuing today to provide Cellophane and Natureflex bags as the world becomes more environmentally focused and the demand for biodegradable and compostable packaging is essential.

Senior Paper Supplies and Cello Bags Australia, as a small family business, will continue to supply your packaging needs for many more years to come.

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