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Fully Compostable Bags

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Natureflex Bags Are Biodegradable

NatureFlex bags are bio-degradable 23um NK film made from renewable raw materials.

NatureFlex Cellobags can be industrially composted (where the infrastructure exists) and meet all international standards for compostability.

NatureFlex bags are suitable for home composting and will typically bio-degrade in just a few weeks in a home compost bin, depending upon the conditions. These bio-degradable bags bags are best used for confectionery, dried foods, pasta, muesli, biscuits, bakery, crisps and snacks.

The moisture barrier makes them able to be heat sealed with a standard heat sealer enabling food to be stored for up to 18months under dry conditions.

Custom orders of NatureFlex  from Cello Bags Australia are available for either a minimum order of 10,000 printed bags or a minimum order of 10,000 bags of various thicknesses.

These cellobags are Bio-degradable and Environmentally-friendly.

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Your Business Can Be Proud Of This Eco Friendly Packaging

Flexible packaging options that are compostable and renewable, and are custom-designed with your products in mind. We offer environmentally friendly packaging that your company can be proud of.
NatureFlex has something for everyone, regardless of your industry, product form, size, or unique requirements.
Natureflex set out to provide packaging materials that are ecologically friendly, in order to meet rising customer demand for more environmentally friendly packaging.

Based Mostly On Renewable Resources

These bio-films are certified to the European (EN13432) and American (ASTM D6400) criteria for industrially biodegradable packaging and are made mostly from renewable resources (wood pulp from managed plantations).
Further research has revealed that the majority of NatureFlexTM grades are appropriate for anaerobic digestion as well.
On both sides of NatureFlexTM films, new heat seal resins are used. They are static-free and have a very wide thermal sealing range, resulting in excellent machine performance. The films have strong gas barrier capabilities, and depending on the demands of the wrapped object, the coatings may be customised to give varied degrees of moisture barrier.

Sustainable Coffee and Tea Packaging

  • A fantastic scent barrier that keeps coffee and tea from oxidising
  • Superior protection against oxygen and moisture
  • Anti-static characteristics
  • Options for opaque packaging to prevent UV damage
  • For product over-wrapping, clarity and gloss are essential.

Eco Friendly Bakery and Food Packaging

  • Moisture semi-permeable
  • On both sides, heat-sealable
  • An good oxygen barrier
  • Designed to be printed

Custom and Dried Food Packaging

  • For product display, it must be very clear.
  • For laminations, it’s compatible with fibre board.
  • Breathable\sHeat-sealable
  • Stiff and long-lasting

Compostable Packaging For Produce

  • Exceptional clarity
  • Moisture barrier that is
  • custom-made to enhance shelf life
  • Breathability is important in cool cabinets to avoid fogging.