NatureFlex Cellobags
Compostable Bags

NatureFlex bags are bio-degradable 23um NK film made from renewable raw materials.

NatureFlex Cellobags can be industrially composted (where the infrastructure exists) and meet all international standards for compostability.

NatureFlex bags are suitable for home composting and will typically bio-degrade in just a few weeks in a home compost bin, depending upon the conditions. These bio-degradable bags bags are best used for confectionery, dried foods, pasta, muesli, biscuits, bakery, crisps and snacks.

The moisture barrier makes them able to be heat sealed with a standard heat sealer enabling food to be stored for up to 18months under dry conditions.

Custom orders of NatureFlex  from Cello Bags Australia are available for either a minimum order of 10,000 printed bags or a minimum order of 10,000 bags of various thicknesses.

These cellobags are Bio-degradable and Environmentally-friendly.

NatureFlex Bags